Best Selling Davidoff Selection Sampler – 6 Cigars


“Davidoff, the pinnacle of perfection – for those that like a taste of luxury.”

There is only one Winston Churchill and only one cigar that can do justice to the man. Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars present a blend as complex as the man himself. The Petit Panatela is an earthy, spicy smoke balanced with floral notes.

Imagine being able to stop life momentarily and enjoy time to pause and reflect. The Primeros by Davidoff is in a Petit Panetela format that shares the Davidoff line’s exclusive stimulation. These small cigars call for a short yet pleasant adventure.

Davidoff Cigarillos are crafted with 100% pure premium tobacco from the Caribbean, Sumatra, Java and other parts of Indonesia and Brazil and require preservation in an adequately humid climate, offering a mild, aromatic, and full-bodied smoke.

This sampler contains…

1 x Davidoff Demi Tasse Cigar – 1 Single (25 x 4″)
1 x Davidoff Primeros Nicaragua Cigar – 1 Single (34 x 4 1/8″)
1 x Davidoff Primeros Dominican Cigar – 1 Single
2 x Davidoff Winston Churchill Raconteur Petit Panatela – 1 Single (4 x 38″)
1 x Davidoff Primeros Escurio Cigar – 1 Single

Best Selling Davidoff Selection Sampler - 6 Cigars
Best Selling Davidoff Selection Sampler – 6 Cigars


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