Authentic Davidoff Cigars for sale

Many people agree that Cuban cigars are the best available.  The unmatched flavor complexity and long, illustrious histories of the brands are unmatched.  Their greatness inspires the rest of the cigar-producing world to innovate, evolve, and improve in order to produce cigars that can be thought of as viable alternatives to the Cuban pinnacle, in addition to providing a fantastic product for us to enjoy.  Davidoff is one of the ‘New World’ alternatives that can be regarded as the best. check out

Authentic Davidoff Cigars for sale

Davidoff cigars have delighted smokers since 1968, but the name’s connection to high-quality tobacco dates back much further.  Zino Davidoff, who immigrated to Switzerland with his family in 1911, was born in 1906 into a tobacconist dynasty in Ukraine.  When it was his turn to take over the family business, he started setting new benchmarks for excellence right away. He traveled to the Caribbean to study the torpedoes and farmers’ trades before setting up the first walk-in humidor in his Geneva shop.  A legend began when Cubatabaco approached him with an offer to work together on a line of cigars.  Five cigars from the Davidoff Chateau Series were made and given names based on Zino’s favorite premium French wines.  Today, their rarity and quality sees them hold pride of place in the most extensive collections in the world. check outdavid off cigars for sale

A fistful of fine Davidoff cigars waiting to be enjoyed

Today, they are prized possessions in the largest collections in the world due to their rarity and quality. check out

In order to fulfill his desire to dominate the US market, Zino was forced to look for alternative production due to the American embargo on Cuban goods.  Because of his in-depth familiarity with and connections to the other tobacco-producing countries in Central America and the Caribbean, he was able to find a factory in Honduras whose output met his requirements.

  The first of what is now a lengthy chain of stores bearing his name across the United States debuted in New York in 1987 with the opening of a branch of Davidoff of Geneva.  This knowledge of alternatives to Cuba’s tobacco farms and cigar factories became of even greater value when, in 1989, Zino publicly incinerated around 100,000 cigars delivered to him from El Laguito that he felt were not fit to bear his name.  The relationship with Cuba understandably broke down after this display, and the partnership was officially dissolved in 1991. check out

Following a partnership with master blender Hendrik “Henke” Kelner, the Dominican Republic became the location for Davidoff’s cigar production.  The Chateau series was renamed Grand Cru, and the names of well-known wines were swapped out for numbers on each cigar. 

Since then, the collaboration between Davidoff and Kelner has produced some of the most delectable cigars a connoisseur can smoke, as well as innovations in production and agriculture that are the envy of the business.  Right up until his passing in 1994, Zino Davidoff established high standards for everything connected to his family’s legacy; these standards are still proudly upheld today. check out

cigars for sale

Davidoff cigars promise excellent quality every time

Today, Davidoff uses a wide variety of tobacco from around the world to roll their cigars.  The resulting blends provide a huge range of strengths, flavor notes, and vitolas to smokers.  The excellence of their construction, which provides flawless draw, dead-straight burn, and finely packed silver ash from every stick, is the characteristic shared by all. check out

Every time a Davidoff smoker lights up, they have a selection.  Every time one of their cigars is lit, time will be beautifully filled, whether it be a quick puff to clear the mind in the morning or a lengthy, lavish celebration that lasts into the night.  Here are a few of their products that we particularly like.


Davidoff Grand Cru Line

derived from the original, now fabled Cuban Davidoff line, which bore the names of Zino Davidoff’s preferred fine wines.  A slightly more robust option than the Signature Blend, but one that is still fairly mild-bodied.  From a petit corona to the powerful Grand Cru Toro, you can find notes of wood, earth, cream, and velvety cappuccino.

Davidoff Signature Blend

The original Dominican Davidoff blend is mild, creamy, and has lingering woody notes.  The Ambassadrice, a short cigarillo, and the Signature 6000, a Robusto, are just a couple of the sizes offered in this series.  The most popular Davidoff cigar in the world is the Signature 2000, and the Signature No. 2 has the exact same dimensions as the renowned Laguito No. 2 vitola. check out

Davidoff Yamasa

For years, it was believed that it was impossible to grow tobacco on the swampy soil of the Yamasá region, which is located immediately to the north of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.  But Henke Kelner is a determined man, and after 20 years of trying, he and his team finally succeeded in accomplishing the seemingly impossible. 

The Davidoff Yamasa cigars that are the result of his perseverance are full-bodied, blend sour citrus flavors with rich, earthy wood notes, and are an excellent cigar to enjoy as you wind down an evening.  A true testament to the man who combined them and the brand that lacked the fear to keep going in the quest for excellence.  They’ve discovered it with these cigars. check out david off cigars

Time spent with Davidoff is Time Beautifully Filled

You will be smoking one of the finest cigars in the world, whether you opt for the diminutive Aniversario Entreacto or the imposing Late Hour Churchill.  In the world of fine tobacco, more than a century ago, Zino Davidoff set out to establish a legacy of genuine excellence.  In his success. check out


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