Top 3 Best Places To Buy Cigars Online In 2023

Do you want to know where to buy the best cigars online at the best prices? Explore our carefully curated list of the best places to buy the best sticks. I’ve placed orders from all of these shops, so whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or a new enthusiast, you can find exactly where quality meets variety. Welcome to the best online resource for buying cigars! check out

  1. Authentic Cuban Leafs : The Best Place To Buy Cigars Online Overall

How to buy: click this link for Authentic Cuban leafs

Our top choice for the best online cigar store is Authentic Cuban Leafs. If you’re buying a whole box of cigars, Authentic Cuban Leafs Smoke has the best prices and selection when comparing prices among reputable online cigar retailers.

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 best cigars online

I had anticipated that one of the major retailers, such as Thompson Cigar or Cigars International, would offer the best overall deals, but Authentic Cuban Leafs consistently outperformed my expectations.

That does not imply, however, that Authentic Cuban leafs will offer every cigar at the lowest possible price. Prices differ between merchants. However, you can find premium cigars for surprisingly low prices if you are in the top right corner.

Where To Buy Real Cuban Cigars Online

Famous Smoke Shop receives a score of 9/10 for its wide selection of premium cigar products. They receive a perfect 10/10 for value because of their unbeatable prices. They also offer some great discounts and promotions.

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Authentic Cuban cigars

The Authentic Cuban Leafs Guarantee, a 30-day refund policy with no questions asked, is one of their best features. Given how subjective cigars are, having the option to return any cigar you’re unhappy with is crucial. Authentic Cuban Leafs will gladly refund or exchange any cigar within 30 days because they realize you can’t know if you’ll like a cigar until you try it.

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Their Create-A-Sampler tool is another distinctive feature. You are still free to choose a single cigar as usual, but you will receive a free cigar for every five that you add to your cart. You can create your sampler pack very easily this way.

Additionally, Authentic Cuban leafs offers a wide range of pre-made samplers that include all the major brands, including Rocky Patel, Drew Estate, and Arturo Fuente. The samplers are inexpensive because they are direct from the manufacturer, making them perfect for novice cigar enthusiasts to find their ideal stogie.

Authentic Cuban Leafs consistently provide good deals. By joining their mailing list, you can get free shipping on orders worth more than $75. 

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Additionally, they frequently offer promo codes for purchases that include free cigars, cutters, and accessories.

Our top recommendation for cigar connoisseurs seeking premium cigars at bargain prices, exceptional service, and unbeatable specials is Authentic Cuban leafs Shop.

2. Mike’s Cigars: Best For Cigar Accessories

The best place to buy both premium cigars and cigar accessories online is Mike’s Cigars. Mike’s, which was established back in the 1940s, has developed into one of the top online cigar retailers. With over 600 cigar brands to choose from, their extensive selection earns a perfect 10/10 for the range of products. You’ll find all your favorites in one place.

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Additionally, Mike’s provides an unrivaled selection of samplers that let you explore new brands on a budget. They carefully select the top-selling cigars in a variety of sizes, strengths, and flavors for their pre-made sampler packs. It’s a great way for beginners to find their ideal cigarette.

Mike’s Cigars is constantly providing coupon codes for free shipping and percentage discounts when it comes to special offers. For incredible value, sign up for their Cigar of the Month membership. Membership benefits include free accessories, free priority shipping, and monthly deliveries of a sampler pack of five premium cigars. A free humidor is added to the mix at higher tiers.

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Mike’s Cigars falls short, though, because of their strict return policy. No “buyer’s remorse” returns are accepted, and any returned cigars must be undamaged and in their original packaging. Additionally, there is a cancellation fee of 7%. Comparing this to other retailers who offer more lenient guarantees is disappointing.

The extensive selection of premium cigar accessories is where Mike’s Cigars shines. They provide an unmatched selection of ashtrays, carrying cases, cutters, lighters, and humidors. For the quality, the prices are very fair. I’m particularly impressed by their wide selection of fashionable yet practical lighters.

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Another high point is Mike’s blog, which offers in-depth pairing suggestions and cigar recommendations to improve your smoking experience. They also offer quick and inexpensive shipping. Despite the unsatisfactory return policy, Mike’s Cigars continues to be among the top vendors of premium cigars and necessary accessories.

3. Gotham Cigars: Great For Buying Cigar Deals

Gotham Cigars stands out as the top choice for the best website and online buying experience for purchasing premium cigars online. Their sleek, modern website layout offers easy navigation and intuitive filtering tools to quickly narrow your selections.

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You get to exactly what you want far faster, and far more easily.

The detailed product pages provide helpful stats on each cigar like size, wrapper, strength, and tasting notes – similar to comparing player stats in a sports video game. This level of detail helps you make informed purchases, especially when exploring new brands.

With over 150 top brands, Gotham offers a respectable range but not as many options as Famous Smoke or Mike’s Cigars. Their prices are very reasonable and receive a 9 out of 10 for value. Gotham is great for snagging time-sensitive deals or free shipping because it constantly has coupon codes and promotions for extra savings.

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One of their seasonal sampler packs, which are bundled with various cigars at discounted prices and are purchased directly from the supplier, is a highlight. It’s a great way to sample a variety of cigarettes without spending a fortune.

The return policy at Gotham allows returns for any reason within three days, as well as for manufacturing defects. As a result, you have a brief window of time to change your mind while the cigars are still warm.

Orders to the US mainland take 2 to 7 business days on average to ship, depending on where you are. Since Gotham is based in Miami, deliveries to the West Coast typically take a week.

A verification call is necessary for your first order, which is a minor inconvenience but increases security. To prevent a cancellation, just make sure you pick up the phone! Given that Gotham is open only Monday through Friday, weekend delivery is not possible.

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In conclusion, Gotham Cigars offers premium cigars at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Their comprehensive product information enables you to make informed purchases, and their frequent promotions and sampler offers let you explore premium brands on a budget. It’s difficult to top Gotham Cigars for the easiest online cigar-purchasing experience.

Considerations to make when selecting an online cigar retailer


A robust shipping policy is crucial when purchasing cigars online.

Cigars are delicate items that require particular circumstances to remain preserved. Their quality can be significantly impacted by any changes in humidity or temperature while in transit. Cigars should be shipped in humidor bags or other environments with controlled humidity to maintain their freshness.

Quick delivery of your order is essential to preventing their prolonged exposure to unfavorable circumstances. Cigars require sturdy packaging because of their brittle nature to avoid any damage.

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You must pick an online retailer with a thorough shipping policy given the investment you’re making and the complexity of maintaining cigars.

Return procedures

The importance of a good return policy cannot be overstated when buying cigars online. Given their fragility, cigars are prone to deterioration and changes in quality.

During shipping, the delicate humidity and temperature balance that is necessary to preserve a cigar’s flavor and structure may be thrown off. A comprehensive return policy makes sure you can get a replacement or a refund if you receive cigars that are broken, too dry, or moldy.

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You can feel at ease knowing the return procedure is simple. It’s about the retailer’s commitment to your satisfaction, not just about safeguarding your purchase. a variety of cigars

A wide selection is crucial when buying cigars online. Every cigar offers a distinctive flavor profile and experience, from its origin to its blend.

Finding the ideal match for your palate is made possible by variety, whether you’re looking for a robust Nicaraguan or a smooth Dominican. A wide variety also enables you to experiment and find new favorites, extending your cigar journey.

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When you shop online, you can be sure you’re choosing the best products for your tastes rather than just settling. Therefore, make sure your preferred online store offers a wide selection of cigars for a truly satisfying experience.

Minimum purchases

Low minimum order amounts are crucial when researching cigars online. If you’re a picky smoker, you might want to try a particular blend or brand before making a bigger investment.

Being able to purchase a few cigars as opposed to a whole box enables you to expand your selection and sample various flavors without making a significant financial commitment.

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A sizable upfront order may be intimidating, particularly for rare or expensive cigars.

Your desire for variety and experimentation is catered to by online merchants with low minimum orders, giving you the freedom to delve into the world of cigars at your own pace.

worth the money

When you’re purchasing cigars online, seeking value for money is vital. Cigars can range from affordable to premium, but irrespective of the price, you expect quality. 

The flavor, construction, and aging of the cigar must all accurately reflect its price. Your investment in a quality online retailer with affordable prices will ensure that your passion for cigars doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

high ratings

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You absolutely must read third-party reviews before making an online cigar purchase. These reviews provide accurate perceptions of the flavor, consistency of the burn, and overall enjoyment of the cigar.

Reading about other people’s experiences can help you make decisions, preventing you from spending money on a smoke that won’t truly satisfy your palate. All of the online cigar retailers I suggest in this article have a solid reputation and positive customer feedback.


Is purchasing cigars online less expensive?

Yes, buying cigars online is frequently less expensive. Wider selections, competitive pricing, and lower costs when compared to brick-and-mortar stores are to blame for this. Additionally, discounts, deals, and sometimes even free delivery are frequently provided by online retailers. To ensure value for money, consider shipping costs and confirm the legitimacy of the retailer.

Can You Have Cigars Shipped to Your House?

Cuban Cigars For Sale Near Me

You can order cigars to be delivered to your home. Home delivery services are provided by many online retailers. However, it’s crucial to confirm local laws and age restrictions because some areas might have restrictions or unique requirements for the delivery of tobacco products, such as requiring a person of legal age to sign off on the delivery.

Is it Safe to Order Cigars Online?

When buying from reliable sellers, ordering cigars online is safe. Famous Smoke, Gotham Cigars, Mike’s Cigars, and Thompson Cigars are a few instances of trustworthy and secure online cigar retailers. To maintain cigar quality, make sure the website accepts secure payment methods, look for customer testimonials, and confirm their shipping and storage procedures. Deals that appear too good to be true should always be avoided.

Can You Buy Real Cuban Cigars Online?

Not in the USA, where Cuban cigars are illegal and subject to strict import restrictions. However, you can order authentic Cuban cigars online from other nations where there are no restrictions on the import of Cuban cigars.

What is the Best Way to Buy Cigars?

Buy from a reputable retailer, such as a reputable online store or a dependable local tobacconist. For premium smoke, make sure that cigar storage conditions are ideal, check for fresh, well-constructed cigars with consistent color and a resilient feel, and always verify authenticity through brand markings.

What is the Best Cigar Company?

The “best” cigar company is a matter of opinion and varies depending on personal preference. But brands like Cohiba, Montecristo, and Arturo Fuente are well known for their reliable quality and have won recognition on a global scale. It’s critical to research and identify the brand that best suits your preferences and background.

Does Amazon Sell Cigars?

No, Amazon does not sell cigarettes, cigars, or any other items related to tobacco. This is a part of Amazon’s broader approach to restricted products, which seeks to ensure adherence to national, state, local, and Amazon policies.

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